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  1. There are so many airbrush machines and products on the market right now and whenever I run a class we learn lots of new tips for getting the most out of them! I thought it might be a good blog to share my hints and tips for how to correct the most common problems we encounter when we use an airbrush in class...


    1. There is always air coming out of the end of my airbrush, even when I'm not pressing the trigger on the pen...?

    If there is air coming out of the end, this usually means that the needle in your airbrush is not as snug as it should be in your pen. Remove the needle, give it a wipe clean and replace it back in place - and ensure all bolts are tightened that hold the needle in place.

    If this fails, you may have a little blockage in the nozzle hole (with a little dried paint for instance), which is stopping the needle resting in it's correct position. Give the end of your airbrush a clean to ensure all old paint is removed and cleaned from the airflow hole (a paintbrush is good for gentle cleaning of this part).

    2. My airbrush is spitting flecks everywhere when I try to spray...

    This is usually a connection issue with your air hose. Ensure your hose is tightly connected to your airbrush pen at one end and to your air compressor at the other end. On a lot of cake decorating airbrush machines, the hose is just pushed tightly onto an air outlet on the compressor and this can cometimes comes loose during use which is why the 'flecking/spitting' issue can sometimes develop after using your airbrush or a while.

    3. I find it difficult to get a thin spray from my airbrush

    Try spraying closer to your subject matter. Use your airbrush with the movement in your arm, rather than your wrist, this will give you more control over where you spray and how much paint ends u on your piece :)

    4. Do I have to clean my airbrush every time I want to change colour?

    No you don't - if you're blending colours on your project piece, you may wish to just add the new colour to your airbrush cup as you go to encourage the mixing of the colours as you spray. If you're using a brand new colour that you don't wish to mix, just spray a full cup of water through your airbrush and this should be sufficient to clean out the previous colour so that you can continue working.