Frequently Asked Questions - Edible Prints

What size are the Icing Sheets?

We stock A5, A4 and A3 Icing Sheets.

- A4 Icing Sheets are a little shorter than an A4 sheet of paper (28.5cm x 20.8cm) 

- A3 Icing Sheets are a little shorter than an A3 sheet of paper (41cm x 29.8cm) 

We always advise you allow at least a 1-1.5cm margin all the way around the sheet to allow for the print feed (any images in this area may not be printed otherwise). This means your print will most likely have a small white border all the way around - we cannot guarantee edge to edge printing. 

Can you print.....

The most common email I get is: "Can you print a picture of my dog / my boyfriend's aunt / four different pictures of ponies / a wine label and four chocolate wrappers.... etc...etc...  the answer is always YES. Absolutely anything can printed onto your edible Icing Sheet. You do not need to send me an email to ask if I can print it, because the answer is most likely yes (although offensive/pornographic images will be refused and your order refunded, non-negotiable).

Can I have more than one image on an Icing Sheet? 

Yes, you can have as many images as you can fit on! If you are wanting to print a lot of images, it's easiest if you can format them onto a word document yourself and then save it as a PDF to email to us to ensure the formatting stays the same when it's printed. 

Can you alter my images for me?

I can resize images to any size and add text / borders to images - please do not ask me to remove backgrounds or photoshop people etc.. this is not possible and you'll need to do this before sending me your image.

I need a logo in a different colour, can you do this? 

If you can't find it on google, then neither can I! I'm afraid my price does not include any photoshopping or graphic design work - I print what you send me and cannot easily change images for you - if you need something altered, please do this before sending it to me for printing.

Where do I send my images? 

Please send your files to me at [email protected] 

You'll get your prints quicker if you can send them preformatted on a PDF. If you send individual images, you'll also need to include sizing requirements and this may need double-checking and may take longer to format and print.

Please do NOT send a Microsoft Word document - I work on a Mac and it cannot convert fonts and spacing so you will be asked to send as a PDF which will delay your order. 

Can you send me a proof of what my icing sheet will look like?

I will only send a proof once you've placed your order (please let me know you want one as they're not sent as standard) - please note, this may mean your order takes longer to process as I only work on proofs once a day - if you're able to format it yourself, you'll receive your icing sheet much more quickly  :) 

What are the Icing Sheets made from? 

Starch, Maltodextrin, Glycerol, Sugar, Stabilizers E460i/E414, Dextrose, Emulsifiers E435/E491/E471, Food Colour E171, Flavours, Preservative E202, Sucralose, Citric Acid.

Are Icing Sheets suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, the Icing Sheets we use are suitable for Vegetarians.

Can I cut the Icing Sheet?

Yes of course! Your Icing Sheet is attached to a plastic backing sheet, you can cut the sheet to size using scissors whilst it is still attached to the backing sheet, or if you're using a cutter, remove the icing from the backing sheet and then attach it to a piece of rolled out sugarpaste before cutting, this will give you a nice clean cut using cookie or sugarpaste cutters.

What can you use Icing Sheets for?

Icing Sheets have so many uses! You can use them: 

  • As a wrap around the side of a cake (One A4 sheet cut in half lengthways is usually enough to cover the circumference of a 6-8" cake) 
  • To print large toppers for the top of your cakes (Just let us know the size and shape and we can format your picture to the right size (up to 11" x 16") 
  • To create shaped toppers for cookies and cupcakes (great if you want different shaped toppers to the usual circles!) 
How do you use Icing Sheets?

Icing Sheets are supplied on a plastic backing sheet. To use the sheets, gently peel the icing from the backing sheet. We recommend placing your icing sheet onto a sugarpaste covered cake for the best results. You can place your icing sheet straight onto the cake - use clean brush to brush water onto the sugarpaste and gently press the icing sheet into place. 

If you want to make individual toppers to place on cupcakes or cookies, roll out a piece of sugarpaste and gently brush the surface with water, gently press the icing sheet in place, then use your preferred cutter to cut the shapes you desire.

How long will the icing sheet last? 

Icing Sheets are all printed to order and will last at least 6 months if stored correctly. Over time, you may find the colour deepens and the sheets become slightly firmer.

How should I store my Icing Sheet?

Your Icing Sheet will be posted to you in a sealed bag and envelope, we recommend keeping your sheet in the bag and envelope in a cool dark place until you wish to use it. Exposure to heat and light may affect the quality of your print. Do not allow your print to get wet - the image is printed onto the surface of the icing and will smudge if it gets wet. 

I need my item urgently...

All orders are printed bespoke to order and can take up to 48 hours to dispatch because of this, sometimes longer during busy periods.  Orders are then posted 1st Class. Please note we do not guarantee delivery times and dates with the 1st Class service.

If you order by midday Monday - Thursday and select Next Day Delivery, your order will be posted to arrive on the next working day by 1pm. Saturday delivery is also available for an extra charge (which is applied by the Royal Mail, not us!).

Exampes of cakes made using printed edible icing sheets