Send us your images for edible prints

If you've ordered your edible sheets, you can now send us your images!

Please use the form below to submit your image files to us for printing.

Here's a few tips for brilliant prints:

  • Send clear and formatted images - they will print exactly as you send them to us (so if they're blurry, they'll stil be blurry when we print them)
  • Don't crop your images - if you're happy for us to crop them to fit better, let us know and we'll make them as perfect as possible for you
  • For cupcake toppers, square images work best - if you send us really wide or tall images, they may need to be cropped or squashed to fit
  • Let us know the size you want them - we're not mind readers and we have no idea what you're using them for! Give us measurements for ythe height or width of your images and we'll make sure they're printed as you wish.
  • We can't change colours / backgrounds / remove parts of images -please complete any editing prior to sending them to us.
  • There's lots more advice on our FAQ page - click here to have a read :)


Preferred formats are PDF or JPEG images. If you have any issues, pleaase email us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help.

Our form is set up to allow you to send four separate attachments - if you have more than this, please complete the form as many times as you need to, or email us directly with all of your images at [email protected]

Send us your image for edible prints:
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