CakeyBake students have travelled from all over Europe to attend our classes and learn from our Award winning cake designer!

Here's what some of them have to say about our classes...


"I was lucky enough to be able to attend Kirsty's first Cupcake Bouquet Class and I thought it was absolutely fabulous. I've only ever attempted home baking so didn't really know what to expect from a 'class' but Kirsty made sure it was a fun learning experience with plenty of opportunity for practicing and asking questions. I came away filled with enthusiasm and with some great tips to help me recreate the masterpeices that Kirsty taught us to make. I really can't recommend CakeyBake Courses highly enough!  One of the best days in a long time and I can't wait to go on another one!"

Rachel, East Sussex


"I have had the pleasure of attending one of Kirsty's classes and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although I travelled a long way it was definately worth it and I would do it again without hesitation. Kirsty is a lovely warm an bubbly teacher - very engaging and clearly passionate about what she does. I felt like a little girl again in a sweet shop. Great tips and full of enthusiasm to pass on her knowledge. "

Dana, Belgium


"I attended the Christmas Cupcakes Class at end of November 2012 and it comes very highly reccommended. I learnt so much and will be able to use the skills I learnt on other cupcake designs throughout the year. Kirsty is a excellent teacher- very friendly, helpful and encouarging and it gave you great confidence. I really enjoyed the course and can't wait to try another one at some point this year!"

Angela, Medway


"I attended the Cupcake Foundations Class and it was fantastic! I came all the way from Switzerland to attend this class and was really glad I did! Kirsty is a fabulous teacher and she answered all the questions I had. She knows when to help you and when to let you get creative on your own. The class was so much fun, I highly recommend it. I was able to replicate all that I learned back home and I hope I can come back for another soon."

Camille, Switzerland


"I've been on both the Cupcake Foundation and the Fabulous Fondant classes and I would highly rate both classes. Kirsty is a great teacher, the environment is bright and airy and the whole day was a so enjoyable. I learnt so many new techniques and have managed to replicate all of them. Looking forward to attending another class soon."

Georgina, Bromley


"My husband surprised me with the Cupcake Foundations class for my birthday and I couldn't be more happy that he did :) I was a little nervous as I don't have any prior baking skills and I wasn't going to know anybody but I had a great time and was so happy with the results from just one day's tuition. Kirsty was very welcoming and was patient, enthusiastic and inspiring. I felt like I came away having genuinely learnt the skills and am really excited about practising the new techniques with the goodies I've now bought from the Cakeybake shop. I really can't recommend this class enough as a present, a treat for yourself or a day out with the girls. It's worth every penny and you won't regret booking!"

Megan, Tonbridge


"The Fabulous Fondant Class is truly FABULOUS ... indulgent girlie fun! Having given up a busy career to become a first time  mum, my NY resolution was make a little 'me time' & find a hobby. I have NEVER done anything creative before and was a bit anxious of being out of my comfort zone. BUT with Kirsty's infectious enthusiasm, humour, clear instruction and encouragement I walked away so proud of my beautiful and 'professional-looking' box of treasures! Now to find the time to do these at home, despite this obstacle I will certainly be giving the Foundations Class a go in the near future. Thank you Kirsty for sharing your passion!"

Lizell, Headcorn


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